"(Tellers2) is a good ending to a great conference..."
 2009 World History Association of Texas (WHAT) Conference

----Patricia Perry, Associate Professor History




Tellers2's primary interest is bringing the art of storytelling and the craft of storytelling as a learning tool into the halls of higher education.

In addition, Tellers2 hopes to do the same for the middle and high school classroom.

               Why should universities, colleges, high schools and middle schools hire Tellers2?   
 Attending one of our performance lectures and seminars will:
Enable instructors to enhance their classes with story,
Assist the instructor in transmitting a clear understanding between
primary documentation and story,
Train the instuctor in the practical and applied uses of the storytelling arts. 


In 2009, they produced at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX "World Storytelling Day" a day of telling throughout the campus.  In addition to the event, Tellers2 co-lead with "Twice upon a Time Storytellers Gene and Peggy Helmick-Richardson a free seminar which involved the participants in using storytelling skills and different storytelling genre to write a story about the life cycle of a butterfly!
The seminar's content was based on Tellers2 Lucinda Wise's ruminations and teaching experiences after working with Dorothy Heathcote and Gavin Bolton resulting in using storytelling as a learning tool.  

The  seminar was given for teachers in training and storytellers.


Performances and Venues: 

  •  “Forgotten Voices of the Holocaust." Relying on primary documents and memoirs, Tellers2 bring their stories to life for teen and adult audiences.  "Holocaust Literature" Spring semester 2006, St. Edward's University
  • "7000 years, 7000 miles- Stories from Silk Road."  This is an ever changing, ever evolving presentation showcasing the myriad cultures living on the oldest known trade route in all history. Premiered at the World History Association of Texas, Feb. 2009.
  • "Making Fairy Tales Become Real:  Soviet Folklore, Socialist Realism, and the Worker's Paradise" illustrated how traditional Russian tales and legends were co-opted by the Soviet regime to further party line.  World History Association of Texas, Feb. 2008
  • Tellers2 has visited Children's Literature classes to show teachers-in-training how to use storytelling across the curriculum.


  • Festival of Faiths Sacred Storytelling October 1. 2009 Pre-event for the Parliament of Faiths St. Edward's University
  • Hallowe'en with the Orchestra - Oct. 31, 2009.  Features "Polednice" based on the poem by the great Czech poet Karol Erben.
  • "Triangle, the Shirtwaist Fire" - Feb/March 2010.  Commissioned by the Dean of University Programs St. Edward's University.
  • "Les Salons, les Contes de Fees, et les Salonnieres, an Evening of Early French Fairy Tales - Spring 2010


David Thompson is in and out of the classrooms using his mastery as a storyteller and teacher to enhance the  learning environment at St. Edward's. He is referred to as the 'St. Edward's Storyteller'. 

David's lecture performances in the college classroom bring to life "seemingly forgotten" history often overlooked in the classroom.  By sharing tales from the history of the Shakers, the Black Cowboys, Jews in the Old West, how the "ladies of the evening" saved El Paso during the cattle drives and so forth, David illustrates how the lives and loves of those Americans contributed to the overall history of this nation.  Additionally, David performs stories from the lives of fascinating people, such as Grace O'Malley the pirate queen; Marie de France from the early Middle Ages; the lives and writings of the women French fairy tale writers. 

As a result of his presentations, several students have enrolled in graduate folklore classes at major universities.

A little more about David and Lucinda-between us we have three masters degrees and are thinking about more and we are 5 times gold medalists in the National Irish Storytelling Competitions at Boerne TX , surely a telling point.