"Lucinda Wise brings wonder and delight to our Library storytime!  She keeps the toddlers enthralled, the preschoolers moving and shaking, the older kids on the edge of their seats and the parents wrapped in attention."         Kathleen, Librarian 




Something new! The Ladies of Lore, Lorene Stilwell joins Lucinda in telling stories of sea, land and wind.  Lorene and Lucinda have told in coffeehouses, classrooms and concert halls on two continents. Together they have 50 years of experience of telling and performance experience. Lorene Stilwell is a seanichie, a teller in the Scottish tradition. Lucinda Wise is an eclecticist wih stories from all over the world.


"Lucinda Wise is wonderful with children of all ages. They never guess how much . . . they are learning. Teachers, too, become engaged and talk about the stories long after Lucinda is gone. Lucinda is equally at home with adults [showing] the value of storytelling in the classroom, in business, and in maintaining family history. What a wonderful gift Lucinda brings everyone." Melissa Burnet TX 



Lucinda Wise has taught curriculum content through storytelling, storytelling skills and performed ‘ for all ages in most places'.
 From her work with Dorothy Heathcote (University of Newcastle upon Tyne) and Gavin Bolton, while obtaining her master’s degree, at  Durham University, U.K., Lucinda has developed a unique style of creating learning environments where teachers of all grades and specialties may experience how storytelling is an effective and fun learning tool.


Lucinda Wise is on the Youth Educators and Storytellers Alliance Board (YES!), a special interest group of the National Storytelling Network. 

She has performed at Ghost Stories in the Park multiple years in Austin, Tellebration concerts in San Antonio and Austin and at the Dallas Heritage Village and in schools, libraries, resorts, churches and around campfires.

A facilitator for two national Environmental Education projects, she has won a gold medal from the 2005 St. Patrick's National Irish Storytelling Competition at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, Texa







Reaching out to do more for high school, university and adult audiences. Some stories you need experience in life to be able to listen to them and deepen your understanding. Read more about Tellers2


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